Do you feel safe?

A lot of people say to me, “Oh, I read your book!” I express my delight then ask if they also did the exercises at the end of each chapter in Living the Life You Love. The response is often, “I’m reading first then I’ll go back.” Well, actually, no, you won’t. If you were going to do the work you already would have. So why is that? Because on some level there is a part of you that doesn’t want to—it doesn’t feel safe.
Reading about self-discovery and what steps you could take is all well and good, but actually taking those steps is something else entirely. You can consciously be on board with making changes in your life, however, that’s not the part that’s really driving the boat, and messing with the status quo makes the subconscious mind feel very UNSAFE.

So, how do we make our inner selves feel safe enough to peek over the walls we’ve worked so hard to build? How do we find the secret map to our psyches so we can stop the unhappy repeating patterns? It’s really quite simple—we become willing to.

A powerful way to help your subconscious mind become willing to make changes is by giving it supporting affirmation statements every day. I strongly suggest you create a Vision Script and record it in your own voice then listen to it every night to make faster progress.

Here are some sample statements to help the subconscious become comfortable with willingness. Then, you can revise the statements to move forward in stages that make change easy.

  • I have decided that it is safe to recognize my resistance. Or…I have become willing to recognize my resistance. Then later: I easily recognize my resistance.)
  • I have decided that it is safe to see opportunities for positive change in my life. (It is safe to see…)
  • I have become willing to see opportunities for positive change in my life. (I see opportunities…)
  • I have become willing to see, hear, feel and know all that is for my highest good and greatest healing. (I see…)

Notice that initially we aren’t asking the subconscious to actually do anything, just agree that it is okay and safe to be willing. After these statements become comfortable, you then move to the next progression of phrasing (noted above), and before you know it, you’ll be astounded at the changes manifesting in your life!

I am amazed at how my clients leap forward using this technique after we’ve worked together on the setup. Again, it is a matter of feeling comfortable—and safe—to feel like you have support and aren’t flying blind.

We can do a lot of work for ourselves, but we can’t do it all. I struggled for years, reading and learning, but still feeling stuck on the hamster wheel. Once I started working in private sessions with a personal guide I felt safe with, my life began to change. I see the same thing happen for my clients every day.

Wherever you are on your journey, I encourage you to take that next step forward and do what you haven’t yet done. Listen to that wise inner voice that wants the best for you—the one that wants you to create new empowering beliefs and patterns. And start now by helping that other part feel safe so you can.

I am here to help!

Brightest Blessings!


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BOOK UPDATE: When I wrote Living the Life You Love, my goal was for everyone in the world to have access to an effective self-guide for changing their lives for the better. I knew I couldn’t work with every person individually, but through the book I could give them a template that they could use to find their own insights and move their lives forward. That dream is being fulfilled!

new books and awards

Living the Life You Love is available worldwide in three languages so far: English, Spanish and Chinese. And, just a few days ago, I received my own copies of the newly released edition for readers on the India Subcontinent. It’s beautiful! The photo shows all versions in print to date. It truly is a dream come true—and is still coming true!


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