Single Sessions
60-Minute Session: $110
90-Minute Session: $150

I want the very best for you, so I’m going to encourage to go with what other clients have gotten the best results with and that is multiple sessions over a short period of time. Fabulous changes can happen fast with commitment and consistency, and these package specials give you the chance to jump into your personal transformation with a significant savings.

Package Deals
Three 60-Minute Sessions: $280 (Save $50)
Three 90-Minute Sessions: $380 (Save $70)

Still, I know that one session may be more comfortable. That’s great too! This is about YOUR healing and life and I’m here to support you in the way that works best for YOU!

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Private Life Transformation WorkshopA full day of personal coaching and life-shifting releases.  9am-4pm Includes lunch. $697 (ON SPECIAL NOW. Click here for more details.)

Regression Hypnosis–This is NOT your basic hypnosis or a quick process. This is deep work that explores past experiences and provides the important opportunity to go even deeper and access your own Higher Consciousness for healing and guidance in life situations, soul purpose and more. This is you talking to you in a way simple hypnosis can not access–$297 (Allow up to 4 hours for entire appointment. Includes digital recording.)

Classes & Workshops–New class and workshop formats and options coming soon! Email me to be first on the list for choices and options!

REIKI Training, Attunements & Certifications (Detailed manuals included)

  • Reiki I–$175
  • Reiki II–$375 (Full day class limited to 2 for personal attention)
  • Reiki III/IV Master Teacher $750 (Includes teaching manual and text files plus bonus material. 1/2 due on first day with remainder due prior to completion of certification)

Questions: paula@paularenaye.com

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