If you’ve been trying and trying to make changes in your life, but nothing seems to be working, there’s a reason. And it’s probably something you’d never even suspect—something so far from your conscious awareness that you’d never even consider it as the problem. But this hidden culprit is causing more frustration, trouble and heartache in your life than you’d ever imagine.

It’s the reason that no matter how different a situation seems at first, you still wind up slamming headfirst into the same old walls and roadblocks. It’s the reason you get out of one unpleasant situation only to find yourself in another. It’s the reason you keep hanging on to toxic relationships that twist you in knots and drown you in drama and fear. It’s the reason you feel unfulfilled. It’s the reason you don’t have peace.

It doesn’t have to be that way! I can help!

With every fiber of your being you know there is more for you to do, share, experience and be, yet you feel guilty for even thinking about it. How dare put yourself first—even in your thoughts! That’s part of the unconscious trap you’ve been lured into! And you won’t ever get out of it until you realize what’s keeping you a willing captive–what’s creating your own traps, obstacles and patterns of self-sabotage.

You can have peace, fulfillment and joy.
You can live with purpose and passion. You can be happy!

Many of us, especially women, have been trained to put the needs of everyone else first, because that’s what “good” girls and boys do. To do anything else is selfish and makes you a “bad” person, so we suppressed our dreams and our soul’s callings and denied our own intuition. We pushed aside our authentic self and became who we were told we should be. 

Now, it’s time to change all that. It’s time to dump those old shoulds, limiting beliefs and negative patterns. It’s time to identify and clear the trapped emotions, karmic ties and spiritual disconnects that have created the real world roadblocks holding you back. It’s time to start living the way you want to, to be happy and fulfilled!

And to do that, we have to uncover the unique ways these unconscious and unseen energies and frequencies are at play in your life.

The most powerful discovery of my life was understanding that we must address all aspects of SELF—the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual—for true healing to occur and things to change in our lives.rose quote image

In fact, I’ve discovered that far more progress is made through spiritual and energetic work than traditional coaching techniques. Why? Because you can’t logic yourself out of a belief system or pattern of behavior that you don’t even realize you have. 

Lurking beneath the surface of your mind’s logic and intelligence are powerful forces that are running your life without your conscious approval. So, the first thing we’ll do is start bringing the trapped emotions and forgotten promises and beliefs to the surface. And once they’ve been brought up into the light, they lose their power over you.quotes 3

We’ll use intuitive coaching, energetic balancing and releasing along with spiritual counseling and higher realm communication to provide access to awareness, insight and healing that one approach alone can’t. And, you’ll be empowered with your own set of real-world self-care tools that you can use to continue stepping up into your highest potential, purpose and passion. 

This is about you and your unique journey of healing, so we’ll use the spiritual and energetic processes and coaching techniques that are the best fit for you.

Your body tells you when things aren’t right–listen!

You know how it feels to carry around old emotions–they twist in your stomach, lodge in your throat and pound in your heart. You can’t see them in your body, but you can sure feel them, and they are sending you a powerful message. So…

quotesIf you feel it, it’s time to deal with it.

Okay, but how do you deal with it? Well, to start with you forget about all those “just let it go” messages. If it were that easy, none of us what be holding on to anything. Just gritting your teeth and soldiering on may work for some, but for many it just suppresses the real issues even more. Taking a different approach–using techniques that science has now caught up with–makes things so much easier.

Get relief that lasts a lifetime!

We’ll use a variety of powerful
 tools and techniques to help you release old negative emotions, unconscious self-limitations, karmic ties, inner child wounds and unseen blocks. We’ll clear these at the deepest spiritual and energetic levels, as well as from your physical body.in control quote box

This work is so powerful that clients are often stunned by the insights they gain and the shifts they experience. One of my greatest joys is when a client realizes she’s not the same person she was when started working together–and she loves her NEW SELF! I’ve even had emails from friends and family about clients that say things, such as, “She’s a totally different person! She’s so happy! So light and bright and full of energy. She loves life!”

This transformation is available to you too. So what are you waiting for?

Send me a message right now and we’ll set up a time for a FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION to see how you can start ridding yourself of the obstacles and challenges that are holding you back.

So, if you could wave a magic wand, what feelings and experiences would you clear out of your life right now?

Abandonment * Betrayal * Despair * Blame * Shame
 Hopelessness * Failure * Guilt * Unworthiness
Codependency * Boundary Issues * Toxic Relationships

We’ll home in on the issues at the root cause of your challenges and shift the energy to start flowing good into your life.

My mission–my passion–is helping you heal so your beautiful true self can shine through, so you can radiate peace and joy to others and so you can live the full expression of what your soul came here to do!

Don’t stay stuck in the same old patterns, wishing and hoping something will change.

Contact me and start living into the change–into your joy–NOW!

Brightest Blessings!


NOTE: No psychological or medical services are provided or implied.