Private Workshop

1-on-1 In-Person Coaching,
Energetic Clearing & Spiritual Communication
SAVE $100 AND Get a FREE Follow-up Session!
for a Total Savings of $210!

Want more than just an hour to figure things out? Want to work one-on-one with me to really delve into the heart of what’s going on in your life in a flexible setting and format that can address whatever comes up in whatever way is best for YOU? This is it! Your very own personalized FULL DAY private workshop just for YOU!

We’ll start at 9 am and wrap things up around 4, which gives us the flexibility to use whatever techniques are needed to break through hidden blocks to uncover clarity, insight and healing (yes, if needed we can do a past life regression with higher self communication as a part of the workshop along with Emotion Code, EFT and much more.) 

Ifree self past blue recommend you stay overnight nearby here in Hot Springs, Arkansas and take advantage of the historic thermal hot springs on Bathhouse Row. You may even want to schedule a massage or yoga class. I’ll provide a list of hotels and other options to help you make the most of the trip.

This workshop is a VERY special gift to yourself and it’s important to honor–and pamper yourself–inside and out. This is a day of compassionate care, energetic clearing and spiritual communications, along with real-world practical coaching to clear what’s holding you back, clear it and give you the insight and self-care tools to keep moving forward toward–or even discover–our soul’s true purpose.

Workshops are usually scheduled on Friday, however, other days may be available. Email me and we’ll set a time to chat about what will work best for you.

SAVE $100 over the regular price of $697 AND get a 1-hr followup phone session ($110) all for only $597*  Use the link below to reserve your private life transformation workshop now!

*This private life-transforming workshop includes healthy vegetarian lunch, gluten-free snacks, natural spring water or alkaline water and the 1-hr followup phone session.

Stop waiting for something to change. Find out why it hasn’t and empower yourself to make new choices. Clear out the hidden blocks holding you back and start living the life you truly love!

Don’t wait another day. Take charge of your life now! Email me and let’s set a time to talk about what will work best for you!



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