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go deeperWhat if the biggest problems in your life really aren’t what you think?

What if there’s something beneath the surface—something you don’t even know about—that’s really causing the trouble?

There’s so much more to a situation than the symptoms–the upsets, heartache and stuck-in-the-mud confusion. And no matter how much we talk about it, we may never get to the core problem and heal it in a way that helps us move forward. We have to take a different approach.

purple unique horizontalWe aren’t just a brain and a body–there’s so much more to us! I use a variety of intuitive, energetic, spiritual and practical coaching techniques to help you uncover and clear the heart of the problem in mind, body and spirit. As an empath and higher self communicator, I can tap into your own unconscious awareness to help you find insights and relief.

Old traumatic experiences leave trapped emotions behind–even if we don’t remember it. Those traumas can also leave you with beliefs and agreements about yourself and life that you don’t realize–and that are causing you to self-limit, self-sacrifice and self-sabotage. Feelings of responsibility, obligation, guilt and shame can also be at play.

Sessions also include practical real-world tools and self-care skills to use in your every day life.

You don’t have to stay in situations that don’t feel good–even if it feels like you “should.” Things CAN be better! Your life CAN be what YOU want!

Email me now so we can work together one-on-one to get to the bottom of your unique situation and find ways to make the changes you need so you can live the the life you truly want.

Brightest Blessings to You!


How We Can Work Together

  • Individual Phone or In-Person Session
    Intuitive coaching and clearing sessions provide insight into the real issues that are causing problems and helps you find clarity, healing and relief. 
  • Private 1-Day Workshop
    This full-day event is just for you. We’ll have plenty of time to explore a wide range of techniques to get you what is most needed. Includes lunch and follow-up phone session.
  • Group Workshops
    Yes, I can come to your own private group—friends, family, colleagues, church members, networking groups, organizations or a combination. Just let me know what you need and I’ll present a customized workshop just for you. It’s a great way to share healing—and save money.
  • Energetic Clearing
    I use a variety of techniques, including The Emotion Code, to clear trapped energy from past traumatic experiences. I also do negative energy removal—attachments—from people and places. This can include providing clearing and protection and also helping earthbound souls cross over.
  • Past Life Regression
    Journey back to the past for healing in the future. These sessions also offer the opportunity to even deeper and talk with Higher Consciousness for insight on current situations, life direction and soul purpose.
  • Spiritual Communication
    Communication with the Other Side and with Higher Self for insight and guidance.
  • Reiki Training through Master Teacher—Level I is also offered as distance learning.
  • Buy the Book
    Living the Life You Love is a self-coaching guide to discover what you really want, why you don’t have it and how you can get it. DOWNLOAD SPECIAL–Limited Time–$5.99

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& Self-Worth
Abandonment & Betrayal
Codependency & Boundary Issues
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Adoption Trauma
Healing for Inner Child Wounds
Healing from Emotional, Physical & Sexual Abuse
Stress Relief for PTSD
Helping a Loved One Cross Over

Work one-on-one in person or by phone or Skype

No psychological, counseling or medical services are provided or implied.