Traditions & Routines

1-blue dragonWe just finished the personal transformation weekend workshop for women here in Florida—yes, it was totally amazing and the changes experiences were truly miraculous! Intense stuff all the way around, including a total body detox, reboot and rejuvenate food program.

Dr. Kendra Pomeroy cooked for us and taught us about healthy eating, cooking and living choices. I thought I knew stuff–I thought my routine was pretty impeccable. Well, apparently not! So, as always, I didn’t just teach and coach, I learned! And, I have never eaten so well in my entire life! I’m drooling just thinking about all the delicious meals and treats! And, you better believe I have a new routine!

It’s Christmas, and for many people that has a long list of traditions and routines associated with it: tree cutting and trimming, gift-buying, family gatherings, parties, lights, etc. Some people love it all—this is their favorite time of the year. Others dread it and stoically do what they must to just get through it. I’ve been on both sides of that fence—sometimes at the very same time.

When the kids were little, I loved Christmas—probably as much or more than they did. I loved it right up until the time we had to leave Colorado and go back to Texas to be with family. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see them—I did. It was that I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t risk them being mad and not loving me (I know, ugly, but true). We were expected to be there—we were obligated. And the fallout from even talking about not going “home” kept us in line, doing what we were supposed to. It was tradition.

Well, no one felt sorry for me for “having” to go back home for Christmas, but I think a lot of people do now because I am “alone” at Christmas—it seems sad to them. Well, not to worry. Sad is the last thing I am! The fact that today is Christmas Eve really doesn’t compute.

That hit home to me on Friday when we kicked off the workshop. Before we do anything, we make a list of all the things we need to do when we get home, things we’re worried about, work obligations, etc. so we don’t have to keep up with remembering them while we’re here. I always do the exercise too, because I need it as much as everyone else. We don’t share our lists, but this time, about halfway through, I realized what I had written and couldn’t keep from laughing—or sharing. I had written on my list: Call kids for Christmas. Note—remember when Christmas is.

Yep, that’s the way of it for me now—my routine has changed. As I wrote earlier, it has been my dream to totally disconnect from the holiday craziness and just “be” at the beach for Christmas. Well, I’m doing it! And, did I mention I’m loving it? (Yes, I know, I’ve said it about a thousand times!) I have a new tradition.IMAG0194-1

What about you? What are your routines and traditions? Are you loving them? How much of what you do is because you really and truly want to? How much is because you feel you have to? What do you do because you’re afraid of what others will think if you don’t? How much of it really brings you joy?

As always, knowing why you’re doing what you do gives you the power to make different choices—if you want to. Of course, it also makes it really hard to keep pretending you have no other choices.

Paulas pics 050-1So, love every minute of the routines and traditions you have. And, if you’d really rather be having different experiences, you can. A new routine and tradition is only a choice away. Choose what brings you joy!

Merry Christmas!


PS: The photo above is from the boat parade at The Harborwalk. There’s a storm moving through today and tomorrow, so I am going to get to experience some wild Florida weather. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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