3-Day Life Transformation Retreats for Women

Dates and venues for 2014 will be posted soon–or maybe not since I am doing so many private group workshops. If you want to attend a workshop and have 1-4 friends who would like to also, let me know and we’ll make the arrangements!)

Do you want things to be different in your life, but
can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen?

Does “just let it go” make you want to scream?

Has “that manifesting thing” left you in the lurch?

It’s easy to tell someone to just let it go, but it’s never been that simple for me. I mean really, if I could have, I would have already!


So, that means there’s something underneath the situation that needs cleared–and probably in a different way than you’ve ever considered before.

Yes, I’m talking about clearing out things on an energetic level (read more here).

The really great thing about this work is that it really isn’t work. I’ll take you through a step-by-step process to identify and clear what’s been keeping you stuck. And, I’ll even teach you how to do it for yourself when you get home.

In fact, there’s a lot of that in this workshop. You’ll learn tons of techniques that you can use over and over again and even share breakthroughs with others.

I know, it sounds too easy, but please rework that limiting belief! I’ve seen amazing things happen over and over and they will happen for you too–they can’t not!

We’ll have three days to get as much cleared as possible, define what you want to create in your life and map out real-world action steps to get you moving toward it.never too late

Unlike a classroom or seminar setting, this retreat focuses on a very small group of women, and everything we do throughout the weekend is based on your specific needs.

You’ll learn tons of practical techniques, including some powerful ways to release guilt, shame and blame and find authentic acceptance and forgiveness. You’ll learn how to make peace with the pain of the past, clear out the old stuck emotions holding you hostage and map out a plan for a vibrant future filled with purpose, passion and joy!

Powerful and Fast Methods to Release Stuck Emotions from Mind and Body

You’ll learn my favorite tapping method, “Rant-Release-Revise,” that will show you how to blast through those limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that have been keeping you repeating old dramas even when you know better.

We’ll also use a fabulously quick and effective method to identify emotions that are keeping you stuck and release them–even if they’re from situations you don’t remember, were inherited from your parents or are hanging around from past lives. This is powerful clearing and releasing work!

You’ll learn how to unhook from guilt, shame and blame and make peace through forgiveness and acceptance.IMAG0189

The weekend is all about transformation–yours. You’ll be immersed in clearing your mind, relaxing your body, feeding your soul and transforming your life!

It’s time to find clarity, peace and purpose and start living a life you truly love!

Email me! Paula@PaulaRenaye.com

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The following is only a general guideline. The workshops are dynamic and flowing to meet the specific needs of the women attending. Energetic clearing and releasing techniques will be used throughout the weekend.


3-6:00 pmArrive and Get to It! You’ll get some worksheets to complete and submit ahead of time that help me customize things for you. During this time, you’ll get a fun little exercise to do all by yourself to start things off. I’m not going to say any more than that, because this is one of my favorite things to do and I’ll say too much! After that, you’ll get a private intuitive reading, energetic clearing and coaching session with me. Then, we are off for some fun!

6-9:00 pmDinner with group discussions, affirming of intentions, exercises for release and relaxation.


7-8:30 amHealth Wellness Food Fun (Menu and activities vary by location.)

8:30-10:30 amWhat Do You Really Want? Why don’t you have it? Identify what’s standing between you and your true desires. Exercises and techniques to forgive the past, shift the energy around the issues and open a heart space for allowing. Energetic clearing and releasing.

11 am-12 pmBelief Monkeys & Green Hair—What you don’t know is hurting you—and you can change it! Unleash your potential with these powerhouse transformation tools! EFT (Tapping) and more.

12-1:30 pmLunch

1:30-3 pmMake the ShiftIdentify your personal limiting beliefs, clear them and create new empowering ones that align with what you truly want.

3-5 pmDream Distiller–Create your vision, action steps and a personal vision script.

5-7 pmDinner Out–Group discussions, shared insights and discussions from Other Topics List such as regression hypnosis, epigenetics, bioenergetic medicine, healing with crystals and stones, past lives, souls mates, etc.

7-9 pmPull It Together—Review insights, shifts and goals. Practice take-home techniques on specific issues. A mini-course in running energy! Guided relaxation to empower and rejuvenate.


7-8:30 am—Health Wellness Food Fun

8:30-9:30 am More Practical Take-Home Tips

9:30 am-12 pmIndividual Readings, Energetic Clearings and Coaching Sessions

12-1:00 pmSuccess Celebration! Group sharing and transformation affirming!

1:00 pmDeparture

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Questions? Email me! Paula@PaulaRenaye.com