THESE grew in THAT! Impossible!

sweet potatoesMondo Mutant Sweet Potato!

In the last article, I wrote about how believing can change everything. Well, I didn’t believe these would grow. Didn’t even think about it. Yet, I planted the “seed” (the end of a sweet potato) and put it in a pot over the summer so I could enjoy the beautiful vines–and I absolutely did!

Seasons change, however, and my lush and gorgeous vines turned autumn colors and began to wilt in the cool nights. So yesterday I decided to clean out all the pots and put them in my makeshift compost bucket. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the mondo mutant sweet potato! Yes, everything you see in the photo grew in the pot behind it and was thriving, although there was hardly any dirt left in it. Seems impossible and yet it happened.

And the cool thing is, I didn’t even try to make it happen. I simply planted and let the sweet potato be a sweet potato. I let it go. And in my letting go, the impossible became possible. My little 10-inch pot filled with sweet potatoes and brought me a huge surprise. I’ve never had this happen before. Oh, I’ve had little golf ball and marble potatoes before, but never anything like this. And furthermore, never has one grown around the little end piece and made a mondo mutant thing that looks like five separate potatoes all together. So much symbolism for me! I love it!

So, plant your “seeds,” water and love them and let them mature as they need to. You too may find the impossible becoming possible!

And, be sure to plant the “right” kinds of seeds–ones that will grow you more of what you really want.

Plant and nurture what will bring you love, confidence, success and joy!



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Oh, the stories I could tell–and will eventually–but right now, the only story that matters is YOURS!

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20131117_193638_resized_1Here are a few of my “friends” out on the deck last night–and still there tonight–soaking up the full moon.

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