I tried everything, but nothing changed

I tried everything, but nothing really changed.
I tried forcing myself to think differently,
but I couldn’t talk myself out of my feelings.
I tried healing my body,
but my soul’s urgings kept me sick.
I tried getting insight from intuitives,
but I still didn’t know what to do next.
I was lost.
I needed something more…

That’s something I added to my website a while back. I’d forgotten about it until I stumbled across it today. As I read the words, I realized how deeply they still touch me. They take me back to a reality I lived for many years. I was stuck in a never-ending loop of wanting things to change, but living the old dramas that proved they weren’t.

I wanted a way out, but I sure couldn’t see one. No matter how hard I tried–and try I did—I could only go so far. I’d get all excited by a new book, presentation or technique and I’d be on top of the world. Then, seemingly out of the blue, I’d hit a wall. I couldn’t see it or define it, but it was stunningly real—and so were the old gut-twisting feelings and fears that resurfaced because of it. So, I found another book or took another class, and I repeated the cycle. Over and over.

And while every step did take me closer to where I needed to be, it wasn’t automatically where I wanted to go. A part of me knew that if I went too far my life would have to change in ways I wasn’t willing to face.

That wall that I kept hitting was my own willingness. It was keeping me safe, keeping me from having to face the very last thing I wanted to. It was also keeping me stuck. And until I became willing to see that, nothing was ever going to change.

You have to become willing.

You have to become willing to ask yourself why things aren’t the way you want. To ask yourself why you keep winding up in the same kinds of situations and feeling the same old feelings.

You have become willing to see your own wall of unwillingness.

One of my favorite workarounds for getting your subconscious mind—the one that’s really calling the shots—on your side is my “willingness affirmation.” The subconscious mind will resist “I am” statements that are too different than the current beliefs, so you start with becoming willing.

I have become willing to see, hear, feel and know anything that is for my highest and best good and greatest healing.

Print out the statement and read it daily. It’s simple and easy, and your subconscious will go along because you aren’t asking it to actually do anything, just become willing. It’s even more effective in a recorded Vision Script (see book for details). After you’ve worked with this statement for several days or weeks—you’ll know by how it feels—change it to a more active phrase.

It is now safe and comfortable for me to…
I now see, hear…

This is a powerful and empowering technique, and I encourage you to use it.

At this amazingly wonderful time in our world, we are all being pushed to step up and walk our talk on a higher level than ever before. We are being asked to let go of all that no longer serves us and to discover new things that do. We are being asked to realize that we are the compassionate and positive influence in the world we have been waiting for.

Wherever you are on your journey–whatever is going on in your life in this moment–consciously choose to take a step forward and upward right now!

Brightest blessings!


* * * * *

If you’re ready to explore–and explode–your own wall, there is a lot of information and inspiration on my website. www.PaulaRenaye.com

And, I’m available for private coaching and clearing sessions by phone and Skype to help you face your toughest challenges. There is hope!

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